Any workaround for testing my WIFI connection? My need to link the Bridge resets the internet connection, and that won't work...

  • 21 October 2012
  • 1 reply

How can I go from my cable modem, to Sonos Bridge, to my computer, and, ultimately bring the Sonos Amp online? I have to reset both Bridge and Amp devices, thus breaking my internet connection.I need a workaround to determine why my internet radio cuts out after 15 minute increments...what I am trying to do is to bypass the wifi router, but it doesn't seem I can do this. Any ideas?

1 reply

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Hello, The Sonos set-up requires that at least one of the Sonos components is hardwired into the home network run by the router. If you have just a modem from the internet service provider that will not work. In this case I am going to troubleshoot this further I am going to email you direct due to the nature of the issue. I am also going to open an service incident for this. The reference number will be 121116-000058.


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