Another Google Wifi problem child - none of the previous solutions seem to address my issue

  • 31 January 2018
  • 1 reply

Pair of Sonos One's arrived today. Setup is 3 node Google Wifi Mesh - main AP plugged directly into uverse modem and the two other APs are connected to it.

It does suck that I have to be on the same subnet for the controller to see my rooms which prevents me from moving around the house and changing songs, playlists etc.

The major issue is that I cannot ever seem to see both speakers (rooms) at the same time in the app. Both are connected to wifi (both on same AP verified by google wifi app), I can use Alexa on both but only one will show up as a room. If I power off the "Master Bedroom" room and restart my Sonos app I can see the "Kitchen" room. Plugging the Master Bedroom unit back in does result in the room showing in the app, even after restarting the app and even after restarting my primary AP. If I power off the "Kitchen" room, the "Master Bedroom" room is now available as a room. I have verified both rooms\speakers have different MAC addresses and different IPs so its not a conflict.

I really want to like these speakers (they sound good when they work) but I can't keep powering one off so I can use another and I really hate that I can't control either if I am on a different AP in the mesh.

Help me Obi Wan, you are my only hope.

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1 reply

So, I broke out my recently replaced ASUS wireless router, setup a new wireless network and joined my phone and both Sonos One units to that network. Everything went much more smoothly this time. From adding the devices to the controller to assigning them room names, to them showing up in the app. Really does not seem to like Google Wifi at all.