Android - Sonos app cannot connect to home system, need to reboot my Sky Router each time

  • 21 April 2017
  • 3 replies

At home I have
Sky Hub
Boost wired directly to that

On my Android Samsung S7 running Android 7, Sonos cannot find any existing or new systems.
If I reboot the Sky Hub I can find it.

I have no problems with Iphone (to date)
Has anyone come across this?

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3 replies

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only thing I can suggest is don't have the Boost right up against router. It can cause some strange things. get the boost as far as wire/space allows from the router.

Also - go into router and give the Samsung a static IP address. Give it a new address up higher in allowable values then it is now.
Thanks for that, setting the IP numbers for Phone and Boost has done it.
We're back to rebooting.
Have to do some more investigations to find out if the problem is with the phone or Sky Hub..

I'm pretty much certain it's the phone as iPhones still connect