Android Sonos App can no longer advance/skip/rewind using the timeline bar

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Android Sonos app 7.2. Samsung S7, recently got upgraded to Android 7.0. Also just received a security patch (both automatically via Verizon)

Now when I grab the Thumbtab on the player timeline to move it, Sonos advanced to the next track! I use this feature all the time, e.g., to skip over advertisements in podcasts or to rewind a few seconds to re-listed to something that was just said. This is a major hassle.

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Hi plnelson

Could you post a screen shot of the page where you are having the difficulty, when you drag the red line, does it move on the screen but then jump to the next track or does it just jump to the next track without moving.

Does this happen on all sources of music or just certain sources, behavior on radio would be different, and are you able to confirm you can still move the thumb tab on another device with expected results.

Of course do submit a Diagnostic also.
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I've sent a Diagnostic - 7383645.
I only play MP3's but it seems to happen on all of them. The problem started in the last few weeks. Before that it worked fine.
I've attached a screen shot.

If I grab the red dot and try to advance it a few seconds or minutes, say to skip over an ad or skip to another story segment, as I drag it forward it shows the new time (e,g,, in the attached example I could advance from 22:30 to 22:55 or 23:40, or whatever), but when I let go to resume playing at the new spot, it starts playing a whole new MP3 (Fresh Air's "Girls and Sex" in this example) (FA is NPR's "Fresh Air" downloaded as MP3 files)
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Hi @plnelson,

Were you able to test this out on another Android device? This will help us determine if the problem is local to just this device or system-wide.