Android App Causing Router (Orbi) to Crash/Reboot?

  • 28 November 2017
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LONG time Sonos user here but apparently still learning.

I've been in a new house for around 2 years now and ever since moving I've had issues with intermittent drop-outs (zones disappearing, music dropping out, etc) and I'm just now getting around to trying to hunker down and get it solved. After a fair amount of reading I've somehow learned (shocked I never knew this) that the preferred setup is to have a Sonos Boost/Bridge hardwired to your router and then have the rest of the units running wireless on Sonosnet. So I did that this weekend and BAM! Much improved and I'm guessing after a solid 24 hours of non-stop music playback that the issue of dropouts is solved.

However, I've isolated another issues that I've seen a few times but just wasn't 100% sure it was the issue. Apparently when using the Android App on my Google Pixel (1st gen) phone it sometimes (but not always) crashes/reboots my Orbi router (Orbi router plus 2 satellites). When this happens the music in the zone(s) that I'm playing stops (but any other music in other zones continues). Also, if I was trying to control a set of grouped zones, they will ungroup when the crash happens. Once I regain network access some of the affected zones are missing from the Android controller but music usually resumes in one of the grouped zones. Oddly enough, if I open the Sonos controller on my computer, all zones are there and I can resume controlling them normally.

Very odd. Has anyone encountered an issue like this? Is it an Orbi issue? Any workarounds?

I submitted a diagnostic (8141949). The issue occurred about 25-30 minutes prior to running the diagnostic. I can capture another diagnostic closer to the issue next time if necessary.

Thanks in advance for any help. I'm also on hold with Sonos (hour wait!) and will update this post with any information from the support call.

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2 replies

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Wow. Just happened AGAIN. All I did was open the app and click on more settings and BAM. Crashed my router. I've submitted a new diagnostic but this time from my phone (saw that you may need a diagnostic from both phone and PC).

The diagnostic from my phone is 8142035. It was taken within 5 minutes of the crash.
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Ok - continuing this conversation with myself for a bit. LOL!

Just got off the phone with tech support - EXCELLENT service by the way and I really wish I could remember the guy's name but I'm not sure I heard it at first because I was multi-tasking when he picked up. But he was fantastic.

We discovered that one of my zone players was still connected to my wifi instead of using Sonosnet. We tried rebooting my router and both satellites and that didn't change anything. We then rebooted the offending zone player and THAT didn't do anything. So we ultimately did a factory reset on that zone player and THAT got it back on Sonosnet instead of of using Wifi. We then went and cleared out my wifi credentials so that the zone players no longer even have the option of trying to get on my wifi.

While we can't be 100% certain that this solved my issue, things appear to working great for now so we will leave it at that and I'll continue pressure testing it for the next few days.

Customer service was excellent as always. I've owned Sonos products for at least 10 years (probably longer but I'm just going off of my forum history) and I think I've called Sonos support only 2-3 times. EVERY single time they exceed my expectations. Sonos - you guys are doing things right!