An error occurred while adding tracks to the queue (1002)

  • 11 January 2014
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79 replies

I have received the same 1002 error. Submitted a diagnostic report. Confirmation number is 7436321
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Hi jorgerodri94,

Thanks for submitting that diagnostic. It seems that the connection is timing out while the data is being processed. Is this error happening when you are adding large playlists or libraries to the queue? If so, try to double click the individual song you are trying to play instead of "Play All" or "Shuffle All" and let me know if you still receive that same error message.
I have received the same 1002 error. Submitted a diagnostic report. Confirmation number is 7625593
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Hi craig_32, can you test for us if you get the same problem on the PLAY:1 and the PLAY:5 if you have the PLAYBAR switched off at the time?

I keep getting this issue... Bought the system on Saturday... Loved it for 2 days and then suddenly it stopped working. Get 1002... Or it can't connect...
I submitted diagnostics... Confirmation number: 7970217
I am getting this error while trying to add music from a folder on my PC, even when only attempting to add 1 album; submitted the diagnostic. Confirmation number is: 8134268.
I have been receiving the same error for quite some time. Submitted diagnostic, thanks for any assistance. Confirmation number is 8173256.
Hi there,

I'm on Mac and have the same issue. I've been using SONOS fine and all of a sudden when i try and play music from my music library it says unable to play with error 1002. I've tried removing and reading the music folder and now it won't even add. It says unable to add the shared folder and has error 1002.

So annoying please can someone help...
1002 error. my sonos wont access my music library. no firewall. updated all music streaming / sharing setting. diagnostic - 8265166. PLEASE HELP!!!
Having same issue. 8331433 is my diagnostic number
Same problem - Neighbor had a tree taken down which pulled down a cable line. Once the line was reinstalled and our internet back up I am suddenly unable to access the music library on my PC as well as on my Network Server. They show up in Sonos but when I try to play any music I get the dreaded 1002 error. My diagnostic number is 8347661
Having same issue. 8359454 is my diagnostic number. Sonos, please fix these issues that starts coming to your system!!!
Having same issue. 8359454 is my diagnostic number. Sonos, please fix these issues that starts coming to your system!!!

I have the same problem. It is a play 1 which was previously paired to a sound bar as left speaker. When the speaker was reassigned to a new room the issue started. It apparently is assigned but can not actually play
I'm having this issue as well, but only if I want to shuffle a playlist that has thousands of songs. But every time I hit shuffle all from my desktop, I get the error 1002. I submitted a diagnostic, #8404200
I’m getting the same error on my iPhone X when I want to play my songs from Apple Music via Sonos app. Diagnostic number is 8420494
Im also having the issue whereby Im trying to shuffle songs from My Music on Apple music. I get the 1002 error - disagnostic number 8433873
I keep getting the same error message as with everyone here. Ive sent the diagmostic in but got no response. What is the solution Sonos, as if you cant fix it id rather know so i can buy something else?
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Hi there, SAJ270976. While submitting a diagnostic report is helpful, we need to be made aware of the report by you giving us the confirmation number at the end. Did you happen to record the seven-digit confirmation number it gives at the end? If not, please replicate the problem and submit another diagnostic report. Be sure to reply with the confirmation number it gives at the end.

Additionally, how many tracks are you adding to the queue when this problem occurs?

I am getting the SAME error after the latest update. It is coming from Sonos end.
Hi there. Please can you help? As many above i am receiving the error code 1002 too. Coupled with the occasional 'Unable to connect to Sonos Player'. Seems to be very sporadic. Diagnostic number is 762610568. Thanks for your help!
[quote=rachanddavew]Hi there. Please can you help? As many above i am receiving the error code 1002

Regarding the error code 1002, Sonos sucks! People have been asking about this for years now and you still get the runaround. Just fix the damn thing and put it in an update. It’s your responsibility as a company to make sure your products work not ours as the consumer.
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Hello everyone. Thanks for posting about this. The team is actively working on an issue where adding >500 tracks to the queue will cause a 1002 error when adding tracks to the queue. While the team works on this, the only workaround is to use smaller playlists or selections to add to the queue.

If the 1002 error appears without adding items to the queue, it is likely due to something regarding connectivity and interference. Please create a new topic and submit a diagnostic report. Any of the Sonos Staff, myself included, will be happy to take a closer look and advise on next steps.

Once we get more information about this, I will update this topic. Thanks for your patience.
I have also been getting this same error message. I am using Spotify and trying to add spotify playlists to the queue to play on a Play 3 and Play 1.

I just moved houses and set up my Sonos under a new wireless network - I have followed all instructions by sonos including resetting my desktop controller and deleting and re-subscribing to my spotify on the controller itself. It is also worth noting that my desktop is hardwired to my wireless router using an ethernet cable.

Only seems to be issues on my desktop as I have not received the error message on my iphone controller. Submitted dignostics: 1414119866
Hi, I'm having issues with error (1002), and the player on my mac stating that it cannot connect to my music files. I disconnected and reconnected to my wi-fi, uninstalled and re-installed the app, restarted my computer, and repeatedly tried to connect the player to the correct folder in my computer. Can someone help? My diagnostic number is 2023261288.