Amp to TV Random Stopping

  • 20 November 2017
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I have a situation where we have a connect amp connected to the RCA audio out of a TV. At random times the audio is getting stopped. The user has to open the app, then hit play in order to resume audio. We have other setups like this and have not had any issue before. I've called sonos support but their answer is you cannot connect a TV to an amp and the customer needs to purchase a playbar. The customer is adamant about NOT having a playbar. Maybe someone else can offer some input or experience with this. Here's some info about the setup.

Vizio TV, RC audio out, connected to the line in on a connect amp. The amp is hardwired to the network. The TV is set to "fixed" output and the internal speakers are turned off. Also, there is a sub paired with the amp. The audio is perfect. The levels are great and there is no delay. The only issue is random stopping of audio. TO BE CLEAR.. This is not the same as audio cutting out or dropping. The amp is actually stopped and you must push the play button in the app to resume audio. And this only happens while watching TV. Not while streaming music.

Any suggestions?

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