AMP stopped playing the tv and it won't sync with the tv no more

  • 1 December 2020
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My amp sync with the tv is lost since last week and they won’t sync anymore. 

since I bought the amp 6 months ago, it had no problem synching with the tv via hdmi arc.
I just hooked hdmi cable from the tv arc exit to the hdmi port on the amp and bam, it worked.

not anymore :(

since it stopped playing tv audio last week, I tried a few simple actions to fix it and bring the amp to play the tv sound back again,

a. I tried to use a different hdmi cable

b. I reset the amp and hooked it back to my system.
c. I  connected an apple tv  to the arc/hdmi-2 input on my tv , just to make sure that the hdmi connector on the tv is ok and operational , and it did work fine  (the arc port on the tv works both as an arc channel and as an output hdmi channel)

help needed :)

1 reply

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I apologize , I mistakenly open this question twice.