Amp LED goes out, stopped working

  • 2 August 2020
  • 3 replies

Hi - my Connect:Amp stopped working.  What is odd is the LED will briefly flash white when I plug it in, but then it goes out. Has anyone seen this before?


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3 replies

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Hi @MikeTheRock 

Click this link to learn how to interpret LED lights on Sonos products.

  • A simple reboot of your router may resolve your issue. 
  • You might also tell us more about your network (i.e. changes, additions last firmware update).
  • Have you added new devices to your network?


Hi - several other Amps on the network are working fine, all are hard wired to a switch.  No changes in a long time other than had to reboot everything. 

I've checked the Sonos LED info, but the weird thing it that it is clearly getting power as the LED lights up when you first plug it in.  Then it goes out. 



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Hi @MikeTheRock 

Try switching to another outlet to see if the LED behaves in the same manner. Also make sure the power cord is seated properly to the Connect:Amp. Finally, assuming the issue continues I suggest you submit a diagnostic, post the reference ID in this forum and call Sonos Tech support.