Amp dropout

  • 3 July 2019
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My setup is 2 x Play 1, 1 x Play One, 1 Amp (new version) and a Connect.

The Amp has recently replaced the old amp as I had an issue I believed was tied up with the old out - turns out it wasn't the case.

I use the Connect only as line-in from my turntable.

My house is 90m2 (small) and no heavy walls or anything...

Often when I listen to the line-in from the Connect I get drop outs - but ONLY on the Amp - the remaining speakers play just fine.
The Amp reconnects after 5-15 seconds.

It only happens to the Amp - it's located about 4 meters from the Connect.

With the new Amp I also experience small "glitches" when listening to the turntable... like a "frame" drops.

I've tried all network channels, it works a lot better if compression is on, but I really don't want this as I want to hear the vinyl once the needle hits and not with 2-4 sec. delay.

Any tips and ideas to this?

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