Amazon Prime songs skip during playback

  • 11 September 2019
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Over the last two weeks I have notice that music streaming on Amazon Prime will skip within the song or whole tracks sometimes.

  • This happens on Sonos One, Play 1 and Playbar (+ 2 Play 1), and is irregular.
  • My wifi is fine, Fibre has just been tested at 25mb.
  • Running 10.4 app, and all up-to-date
Its just happened now 11/9 08:40 Diagnostics 1843604840
Other diagnostics for skipping 659134484 (10/9 4pm)

Observation maybe related:
Last week anytime I used Prime - a pop up message came up on the Sonos app about 'Using Amazon unlimited' and then it said cannot play any songs or skipped 4 or 5 then played one, or just stopped. I have attached screenshot and diagnostics was 878754284. However this seems to have stopped (about 3 days ago) but shouldnt have happened, as Prime music is an accepted streaming option.

Any views? or is it just one of those internet streaming gremlins?

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