Amazon Music works fine, Spotify not so much

  • 11 February 2019
  • 3 replies

I have 7 rooms with Sonos speakers. One has a playbar that is wired directly to my Deco M9 router (one of 4 in a mesh network). I play Amazon Music service and all is well. I play Spotify and I get:

1) Stutters,
2) Songs skipped because it cannot play.
3) Long delays when we add/drop rooms.
4) Left/right/sub speakers dropping out and coming back during a song.

I can play 4K movies, day in, day out so I do not believe it is a bandwidth problem. I have gone back to using SonosNet (removed password for my WiFi) but this did not seem to change anything.


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3 replies

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Hi there, SoMuchMedia. Have you tried removing the Spotify credentials from Sonos and re-adding them? If the problems only occur on Spotify it may be due to a stale session token, and forcing the services to shake hands again might help. If the problems persist, submit a diagnostic report shortly after and reply here with the confirmation number. We may be able to give a bit more insight after.

I set as many reserved addresses as my router would allow (about 15) and I told the router to treat all the Sonos speakers as high priority in QOS. It was better but just happened again so I captured a diagnostic - 1500706882.
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SoMuchMedia: Thanks for the diagnostic report. With a quick look at the diagnostic you submitted, it seems that the speakers themselves are having a hard time dealing with interference when trying to communicate speaker-to-speaker.

I noticed there are a couple of groups made. Does this happen if you only select one room by itself, say, the Living Room or Kitchen?

On the other hand, it might be a good idea to give our support technicians a call. They would be able to set up a remote session and get a closer look at the connectivity between speakers and test things out in real-time.