Amazon Music unavailable - 1 Dec 2018

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Amazon Music recently stopped functioning on my Sonos One, although it works fine on Echo devices.
The first symptom was the following message: "Unable to browse".
I tried the usual, disabling/enabling the skill, restarting the router, etc. Then I tried to disable Amazon Music in services in the Controller, and re-enabling it.

When I get to the stage where I need to "Click Allow to sign in to Sonos", I click and end up on, where I get a page telling me "Website temporarily unavailable. Our website is currently unavailable whilst we make some improvements, etc."

I've looked around in the forums, and have seen no announcement regarding this, or no-one else having the same problem, at least not recently and definitely not today 1 Dec 2018.

Any idea

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I have the same problem
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Amazon music not working for me today either. Was fine yesterday. Tried deleting and reauthorising but says internet connection not working. Which it is.
Mmm been working fine for me a day now getting unable to browse music
Yeah same here....
Unable to browse using the Sonos app in the UK, but Alexa is able to play Amazon Music for me.
Exactly the same problem here... you’re not alone.
Yep. They must have an issue similar too the one they have with Spotify today, just wish they had posted a similar announcement :@:@
Working fine in California. Geography specific issue?
Same here - very frustrating!
The same problem in Germany
Same problem here
Same here....worked this am now nothing
Nooo mine too. No amazon
Hi from Marshfield England , exactly the same problem here but all fine when I ask Auntie Alexa to play
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My guess would be that Amazon is making some changes to their servers this weekend in prep for the integration with Apple. I would wait an hour or so and try and connect again.
Working again

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