Amazon Music stations won’t play.

  • 21 July 2021
  • 6 replies

Hi, I am unable to play Amazon music Unlimited stations on Sonos. Tracks, albums etc all work. But when trying to play a station I get the message “requested operation failed. Please try again”. Of course, trying again only gives the same result. I have restarted my router and deleted and reinstalled Amazon Music, but to no avail. 

6 replies

I am having the same issue. I restarted the controller and nothing changes. 

Have you checked with Amazon directly? Sonos doesn’t actually “host” any of that data, all that occurs is that when you tell the controller to play an Amazon Music Station, they point their player to go get data from Amazon’s servers.

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Amazon Stations play just fine on the Amazon Music App.

As discussed in one of the other threads, Amazon uses different servers for their own app vs. where they point their Sonos customers to. Again, Sonos doesn’t “touch” the stream until such time as it enters your home. The controller merely tells the speaker to go to the specific location provided by Amazon, and get the stream there. It’s up to Amazon to fulfill that request. At no point does any of the music or radio streams, etc, exist on a Sonos server. 

Problem now seems to be resolved. Thanks.