All TV audio has interuptions

  • 25 May 2017
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What I like to do is play a baseball game or concert on 1 main TV and have the audio through my other speakers. I can do this with audio only from a non TV based source. I've tried multiple TV's (different makes) and no matter what I get drop outs. But never with straight audio. So............for example I have a TV room with playbar and 2 play 1's. Beside that setup I have a connect amp to my outdoor speakers. But the audio will not stay continuous when I'm playing from a TV source. Will my problem go away if I hardwire as much as I can? As that situation remains close by. Does that help? I've added a boost and 4 bridges (in small house). so I think the problem is more related to anything I'm playing from the TV's to playbars. Then not sharing across the others continuously.

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4 replies

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Hello joshpetch and welcome to the community.

It'd be best to get some more details from your system on what's happening in the background. Can you please submit a diagnostic and let us know the confirmation number?
done. number is 7430083
playing music from plex on a roku smart tv.................. to the other speakers. its not in sync and it cuts out
also changed the channel in boost setup from 6 to 1
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The diagnostic is still showing signs of wireless interference that can be the primary cause of this particular type of issue. To assist with troubleshooting follow the steps in our FAQ: Reducing wireless interference