All speakers except the wired one have dropped from the system

I have a Sonos system consisting of 8x Play:1, 1x Play:5 (new version), 1x Connect, 1x Sub. Most of the Play:1’s are stereo pairs.

I used to drive them from a Sonos Bridge. A few months ago, I changed the setup, and connected a Play:1 via Ethernet cable to the router (one of two paired Play:1s). All working fine.

And then it started to act strange, but there was no change in the setup that caused it.
After a few hours of listening, some of the speakers would intermittently drop out, and come back on, with no discernible pattern.
Now, ALL speakers but the wired Play:1 have dropped from the controller app, and cannot be seen.

I have power cycled all devices - Router, Sonos, computers, phones. No change. I have changed the Channels in Sonos Controller. No change.

My wifi network runs on 5Ghz only, so there should be no interference(overlap with Sonos' own network. Of course, there are neighbor's networks over which I have no influence. I live on the top floor tough, so there shouldn’t be too much interference.

I really have no idea what’s happening, and am awaiting advice.

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Huh. That's interesting. You've done much of what I would think would help. One question, though. When you power cycled all the devices, were they all down at the same time, and then brought back up one at a time, or did you just power cycle them each? I'm wondering, if you did the latter, that there might be perpetuated duplicate IPs. But if you did the former, that should have cleaned that up. Just to be safe, it may be wise to assign static IPs for each device.

Is it possible that there's interference from the neighbor's network? You stated you had no influence over them, which is completely understandable. Have you tried changing the SonosNet Channel to another channel? They seem to be only 1, 6 or 11, so I'd pick one as far away from where it is currently.

Finally, if none of this helps, would you submit a system diagnostic and post the resulting number here? Preferably after the system can see/has seen some of those speakers, although that's not a requirement. I suspect there might be some information in the log files that would be useful to the folks at Sonos in helping determine the issue.
Hi Bruce,

thanks for your reply.
I'll try again with the full power cycle.

one thing I noticed is that the router doesn't see the non-wired speakers at all. but that's probably because it's all done from within the Sonos network that is created by the wired Play:1.
basically, the only speaker visible is the wired Play 1. but that's as it should be, correct? I have 2.4ghz completely turned off in the router.
that also means that I won't be able to assign a static IP to them, since Sonos is supposedly doing all that internally.
I've changed the channels many times over, I forgot to mention.
Yes, as long as one of the speakers is wired to the router (and you may want to try a different cable?) then the rest should be connected via SonosNet. For testing purposes, if you can, maybe move all the speakers into the same room that your in? Just don't put them too close together, perhaps a couple to 3 feet apart. That would keep you from having to move around the house every time you want to try something to help troubleshoot. Once you get them up and running again, you could move them back. It also would be a good way of making sure we're not dealing with a distance/interference issue.

Static IPs are not assigned by Sonos, but since you've got 2.4ghz turned off, I'm not sure you could do anything there. I'm at the edge here of my knowledge envelope, though, and someone might come along and correct me.

And I'm still in favor of submitting that diagnostic 🙂
I submitted diagnostics 7422299
Hopefully, someone from Sonos will be along shortly to check it out 🙂
hey there Bruce,

I saw your reply only after posting mine .. anyway, yes I'll try what you suggested. it's mostly one big room though, and wifi in general has never been a problem here, so m at a bit of a loss...
I'll swap the cable to make sure that's not it - but if it were bad, the wired speaker would be invisible as well, would it not?
let's see where this goes... it's definitely odd. also, no pattern discernible (until the total loss, anyway)
Static IPs -- or more accurately reserved IPs -- are configured by defining MAC/IP mappings in the router's DHCP server. Most routers should permit this. There's no means to fix static IPs directly into the Sonos units themselves, and in any case the practice is deprecated. Whether the units are wired or wireless is irrelevant.

BTW if the wired unit is the only one to appear in a controller try wiring a different one.
I thought about wiring a different one - but haven't dared, because I have no idea how or where the settings are stored, and I'd very much like to keep them.. will I be able to if I wire a different speaker?

I'll check on reserved IPs again..
thanks for your input
Everything is stored in each and every player. It doesn't matter which you choose to wire.
I see. interesting. makes sense, of course.

so I wired the Play 5. all of the others are back online. even the formerly acting-up play 1.

at least for now, I'll be testing and see if they drop out again.

the question remains: what happened?
Good, but strange. I assume the formerly wired PLAY:1 is now wireless, which exonerates its wireless card.

I would recommend you pursue the reservation of IP addresses in your router's config. Do so for all Sonos hardware components and devices you use to control Sonos. You will at least then be assured that any future problems are not due to IP duplication.
I'll try that tomorrow (it's almost midnight over here) - thanks a lot for your help guys!
Yea, I'm not sure about that Play:1 either. Since it could be seen, it's not the cable or connection, and now that it's seen by Sonosnet now, it does rule out the wireless card. I'm at a loss. Thanks for jumping in, ratty!
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Hi there Sauger,

I took a closer look at the diagnostic you sent (thanks by the way) and saw there are 4 "lost" rooms that the lone PLAY:1 had talked to before. Now that things seem to be working, would you mind submitting another diagnostic with all the speakers back? This will allows us to look at a "before and after" of the situation.
hmmm... my reply can't be posted because of invalid characters? what's that all about? I still have the text of it here, i'll try again later. Diagnostic submitted. cheers . .
Hi there,

i did the suggested IP reservation - it also involved a few quirks in terms of having to re-add some speakers and all, but that was to be expected. It's now back up and running, at least in my few hours of testing. The permanent assignment of IPs must have done the trick.
Now my guess (and hope) is, that the Play:1 (that used to be the wired master speaker) was not at fault, but rather the IP issue. As of now, the Play:5 is the wired one. I will changing that back to the Play:1 later. For now, i'll do another diagnostics, maybe you can see what was at fault in more detail. number 7424899

I don't always leave the speakers plugged in - the reason being their fairly high idle power consumption. That might have something to do with the IP issues? The Play:5 is better at idle power, so I don't bother disconnecting that one. Here's to hoping that they all improve in that department..

Regular restarts might have invited an IP conflict. Reserving the IPs should insure against a recurrence.

Some of the players are better at idle consumption than others, the later models especially. The cost of keeping them powered is insignificant compared to that of just one premature unit failure caused by the remorseless power/thermal cycling. Turning electronics on and off has the strongest influence on lifespan.

Where I live the excess energy consumption is not wasted; it keeps us warm.
haha good point...
Well I am aware of frequent on/offs and its effects on machines.. but I turn some of them off, i.e., overnight, or of they are in a room that i don't use much, or whatever. All those Play:1s drawing a good 3W each add up, and I don't like wasting energy out of principle. But i might re-think that assumption in this scenario...

Where do you live, Norway? 😉. It's summmer in Berlin (finally) ...
Oh dear.. should've been testing longer. It's losing speakers again, at random. Back to square one, I guess.
Submit another diagnostic.
just did - although i keep getting errors when trying to post here, "invalid characters" ¿? - is the forum running on the same software as my speakers?
There have been waves of spam here in recent times, leading to the introduction of a 'learning filter' which sometimes seems to get the wrong end of the stick. It probably thinks your diag ID is a phone number. If necessary send it via private message to Keith N.
Found the latest diagnostic by searching through the previous one. There's a good strong wifi signal between the wired PLAY:5 and the other players.

Looks like your router's wireless is on the same channel as Sonos. Can you change the Sonos channel to 1? There are steps to do that here
I've tried all 3 channels already, to no avail.