All Sonos devices (wired) disappear from wifi

  • 3 August 2020
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Occasionally the Sonos app fails to connect to the players. When I check on the router no Sonos devices are connected, including my Beam which is wired directly to the router.

To recover I reboot the router.

As all other devices are OK on the network this looks like a defect in Sonos to me?

I discount WiFi interference as the Beam is wired.

This is only a minor inconvenience but does anyone else experiencing this?



4 replies

With a wired Beam, all other Sonos devices connect over SonosNet to your Beam, not via your wifi.  Lose the Beam, you lose everything.  So I would be looking at all aspects of that Ethernet connection from the Beam to the router, and start by trying a different cable in a different router port.

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Please see my post here:

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Hmm, as I used to see this on occasion when I was wired into the Sonos Hub (that I obsoleted when I bought the Beam; I also switched to a different cable and port) I’m not sure that’ll resolve anything. 

I wonder if there will be any possibility of me collecting diagnostics after the next occurrence and getting Sonos Support to review them?

Anyone from Sonos on here or do I have to open a ticket?



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I think I see if the disconnection event syncs with IP lease time renewal. If it does then I’ll allocate static IP addresses to all Sonos Units?