All my Sonoses cuts from Airplay when I pause

  • 23 June 2022
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I have three Sonos SL and one Roam. I connect via AirPlay on either iPhone or iPad. Whatever I play on the iOS devices cuts whenever I hit pause.

Few more details:

  • If I immediately hit play again it starts without significant delay, but if the stream is paused for more than maybe 10-20 seconds it cuts.
  • Cut is maybe the wrong word, because it starts streaming with a significant delay of 30-50 seconds.
  • Example: I listen to a song on Spotify and hit pause at 2:00 into the song. I press pause and then press play after 30 seconds. The song will then start play on my iOS device, but audio will come from the Sonos speakers at somewhere between 2:30 or 2:50.
  • Same with Audible or any other app.
  • Current solution: Press AirPlay Ivón in command center if iOS, connect to internal speakers and then reconnect to one or several Sonos speakers.

Quite annoying!

2 replies

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What does Apple say when you raise this issue with them?

I haven’t. I figured it was Sonos since I don’t have this issue with any other devices than my Sonos. But I guess the issue might lay there as well?