All music services stop after a few songs.

  • 23 February 2017
  • 1 reply

All music services stop after a few songs. the network does not drop. Restarting the software does not help. I submitted diagnostics 7129024. Any ideas?

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1 reply

Hi Arzk. Welcome to the Community.

Your system is showing a so called Groupcast error.

This basically means that your Router is having problems communicating with the sonos players via the so called station mode(directly over wifi, no Ethernet cable involved) because the rekeying on the WIFI fails either because of a faulty implementation on the software side of the AP/router OR a hardware limitation on the AP/Router itself.
Running the System on the so called Sonosnet (Player, or Boost wired to router per Ethernet) will not have these symptoms.
A temporary work around is to:
Power everything off, including all phones etc., IMPORTANT restart in order:
- router
- wireless Sonos devices
- everything else that is using the SONOS Controller (iPads, PC, mobile phones)

In the long term, to avoid this from happening, I would recommend implementing a Sonos Boost or wiring your Player per Ethernet.

Further I see that you are using multiple WiFi extenders and the Player keeps losing connection, which will also result in Audio dropouts.
While some types of range extenders may help, they are not supported by Sonos, when running the System directly over the Wifi.
Many types of range extenders modify network information, and Sonos may not be able to work correctly when connecting to a WiFi range extender.

In your Network environment I would strongly recommend connecting one of your Players directly to your main Router per Ethernet or implementing a Sonos Boost to establish a connection via the Sonosnet instead of relying on your Routers/Extenders.

Please have a look at our Network Requirements here