alexa plays wrong song

recently when i ask alexa to play a specific song, it will instead play the previous song request though it will announce the correct song before the wrong song begins. this doesn’t seem to be happening on my amazon devices. just updated the sonos software but that didn’t help. any other advice?

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Hi @jimjom, and welcome to the Community. I understand that Alexa is not playing the requested song, but playing the previous song. 

What is the exact phrase you say to her, and what music service is she playing from?

Some services, like Pandora will play stations similar to what you requested instead of the exact song. 

I’m having this exact issue. Using Alexa to stream Amazon Music to Sonos Ones (3 of them grouped).

Ask Alexa: “Play X song by Y Artist”

Alexa confirms she’s playing X Song and song plays on Sonos

10 minutes Later…

Ask Alexa: “Play A song by B Artist”

X Song by Y Artist starts playing, even though Alexa says she’s playing A Song. 

I also just confirmed through the Alexa App that Alexa heard the correct song (Song A), that’s the song it played. It still shows the wrong song (Song X) in the Sonos App. 

i’ve had this sonos since december of last year and have been saying the same thing since then. i play music through amazon music as it is the most convenient app to use with alexa. 


i say

Alexa, play Coconut by Harry Nilsson

it responds 

Playing Coconut from your library on Amazon Music 


this worked like gangbusters until a week or two ago when it started doing what i stayed above. the alexa exchange is identical but instead of playing the song, it plays the previous song requested. this happens with playlists too. every morning i turn on a specific playlist, lately it’s said it will play the playlist, but it just plays the last song requested instead. good to know others are having the same issue.




Hi again. I tested this on Amazon Music, and it gave me a notification that I had to upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited to play Coconut by Harry Nilsson. Do you have an Unlimited Amazon account? 

If you have Amazon Prime account, you have basic access to Amazon Music, but some songs are exclusive to Unlimited only. 

HI Richard,

The issues comes with many, many different songs. I think Jim was just using one as an example. I’ve had the issue come up with both Amazon and Apple streamed songs. 

i actually have all of my music stored on amazon’s old music cloud storage, which is one of the reason’s i use amazon music. so no, that is not the issue. just for fun, i could list a bunch of other songs that did have the same issue that are available for free on amazon music.


don’t worry be happy by bobby mcferrin

day oh by harry belafonte

reveille by various artists


same thing happened with all of them.


however, this morning the issue seems to have disappeared with everything i’ve tried to play. perhaps it’s been fixed?

It is possible that it could have been an issue on Amazon’s end not we were not aware of, and they have resolved it.

Are you able to reproduce the issue @Aritaur

Yes, Richard. It has happened several times since I posted earlier today, and it has been happening frequently over the last couple weeks.

And I don’t believe the problem is on Amazon’s side. As I mentioned, the Alexa App shows that according to Amazon, the right song was requested and played. The Sonos App shows the wrong song was played. 

Hi again. We would like to troubleshoot this issue with you on the phone to expedite the troubleshooting process. In order to do so, I am going to send you a direct message so we can gather more information to create a case for you. 

it has returned and has happened off and on for me as well. have you found a resolution?

I am having the exact same issue. Someone please help. I contacted Sonos and they had me do a factory reset on my Beam and it’s still doing the exact same thing. It will play the previous song requested. 

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Same here.  It happens about 1 in 10 times with no discernible pattern.


i have a diagnostic……


this morning I asked ‘Alex, play the return to innocence on bathroom’

Alexa acknowledged the correct song and zone.


However, the song that played was ‘Sometimes’ by Erasure which was the last song that had previously played on that zone.


i have Amazon unlimited family.  The bathroom zone is a Connect:Amp.


the diagnostic is 1547402467


Andrew S


In my testing, this seems to be related to how Amazon queues its songs in Sonos.

  1. Ask Alexa to play a song - let the song finish playing.
  2. Go into Sonos queue (using the app) and select “End Session”
  3. Ask Alexa to play another song.  Everything works as expected

If you skip step 2, the issue occurs (albeit intermittently).  Of course, it would be a pain to “End Session” after every song.

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Hi Chriskd


Thanks for the post; I suspect you are right, though I haven’t tested it myself as I don’t often now use the app.


it is however ‘new’ behaviour as it has worked correctly for many many months before something broke it very recently.   So in that regard it would be good if between Sonos and Amazon they figure out who broke it and how to fix it.


Andrew S 

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Another example …..


Me: Alexa, play ‘eat the music’ by Kate Bush


Alexa ‘playing eat the music by Kate bush’


but want plays is the previous song asked for which was ‘this women’s work’


diagnostic is : 948400984.


Cone on Sonos, any ideas ??


Andrew S


Hey Andrew, sorry for the delay here. We would actually like to continue troubleshooting this with you on the phone to see if we can narrow this down. I am going to send you a direct message in a moment, so we can gather the necessary information. Thank you for your continued patience. 

I have this problem, too.  Here are the steps and diagnostic numbers.


Setup: Amazon Echo with a group of seven Play:1 speakers associated as the preferred speaker.

Action: Ask Amazon Echo to play a song and let it complete.  Then, ask Amazon Echo to play another song.  

Result: Sonos begins playing the PREVIOUS song.


Example 1 (Diagnostic: 1012394904): Sometimes, it plays the previous song for 1-2 seconds then stops and goes silent.  Example: Asked to play “Theme from Dick Van Dyke Show”.  Sonos played the first 1-2 seconds of the previously played song “Dreaming of the Queen” by Pet Shop Boys, then stopped playing and went silent.


Example 2 (Diagnostic 2108698290): Other times, it plays the previous song for 1-2 seconds then stops and plays the second song as requested.  Example: Asked to play “I Wanna Live with You” by Princessa.  Sonos played the first 1-2 seconds of the previously requested song “Theme from Dick Van Dyke Show”, then began playing the correct song).


Google Play/Assistant doesn’t have this problem when linked to Sonos.

Note: If I manually select “End Session” from the queue in the Sonos App before asking to play another song, the unwanted behavior goes away and Amazon/Sonos will play the requested song without trying to play the previous song.