Alexa and Sonos

  • 2 November 2017
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Sorry if this has been asked a hundred times already, I'm new to the community part of Sonos. I have an Amazon Dot (newest type) and a Sonos Playbar, 2x Sonos Play1 and 2x Sonos Play3.

They are in 3 different rooms, bedroom, lounge and kitchen. When I ask for example...."Alexa, play REM in the bedroom" she will start to play REM through the bedroom Play3.


1) How do I get her to play the music on all my Sonos speakers at the same time?

2) She plays the artist music I ask for but it seems to be from Amazon, I do have an Amazon music account (not unlimited) but it has songs that I don't want to hear. I only want to hear the songs from my music library by that artist and not what Amazon has. Does anyone know why that is and can I change it to only play songs from my library by the artist I want??

Many thanks!

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1 reply

1) You need to group the rooms together in the controller app first. Currently, grouping isn't supported via voice, but if you group all 3 rooms, and then tell Alexa to play in any of the 3 rooms, the music will start in all 3 rooms.

2) Again, voice control of local libraries is not yet supported, but is listed as a "we want to do it" by Sonos. However, I'm in a similar situation, 99% of what I do is off of my NAS. So I start the playlist using the controller, and then I can pause resume, adjust volume, skip, etc, all using the voice control. Frankly, at this point, the only time I go to the controller is if there's been a power outage, which causes the playlist to disappear from the speakers.