Albums not showing up in Sonos

  • 7 February 2018
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Hi everyone, I have been a Sonos user for about two years and am at the end of adding all my private collection of about 800 CDs into our NAS which works well up to a point. Thanks to you I added the little folder image to have a nice view of the CD cover for each album. I am a bit at the end of my wits because some albums just don't show. (this has nothing to do with the synchronisation which happens every night). As said, some albums show when doing a search through the IPAD and some just don't but they are all physically on the NAS under the artist or group folder. As far as security goes on the NAS, they offer the same reading rights and I can't spot anything different. Has anyone experienced the same problem before ?

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4 replies

What happens when you browse to the folder view in the Sonos software? If you see the missing albums there, then it's a tagging issue.
Thank you Amun for the fast reply. Indeed through the albums I can see them. Can you explain what you mean with tagging? I am not sure what Sonos needs on those files and folders and where you tag.
Sorry for the delay in replying.

Music files can hold pieces of information called 'tags'. These might be 'track name', 'artist','album' etc. Sonos looks at this information and indexes it, then stores the index on the player. When you use the Sonos app to browse or search for tracks, artists, etc then the app uses the index. Obviously, if the information isn't held in the index then it either won't show up at all, or maybe not where you expected it. If you look at the folders view, then you will see the files as they are held on the source machine. So if something is there correctly in the folder view but not in the other views (e.g. Albums, Composers, Genres) then there is something wrong or missing in the tags.

The tags can be looked at and edited with a tag editor, such as MP3Tag - an easy to use and excellent piece of free software - so I'd suggest that you download it and have a look at the tags in your files.
Pas de problème... Thanks Amun for the appreciated reply.
In fact I wanted to know out of the kyriad of input fields for each song which were really used by Sonos. I guess I will have to test them. I am not sure an editor is necessary since you can get into the tags by selecting the properties and then details of each file by clicking on the right of each topic (at least with the recent operating systems). But if I remember well MP3editor lets you change the whole files in one folder in one go which goes much faster.

For me the topic can be closed, thanks