Albums don't show in "Albums" but show up in "Folders" and "Songs"

  • 8 December 2016
  • 6 replies

I have updated my app and reloaded my music from my computer on the app and albums and songs show up in the "Folders" and "Songs" files, but don't show up in the "Albums" file. I have refreshed the file and still doesn't show up. Any clue why?

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6 replies

Check the tags on the tracks. Often times the tag is missing, so it never gets indexed into the Albums listing, but the track is there under other tags or the Folders view.
thanks! I'll give it a shot.
The tags appear to be in order. The same as other tracks that are available in the "Albums" folder...
Then I'm not sure of the problem.

You can get a list of the index, including artist, album, track, path, etc., by opening a browser and entering the following address:


Where the IP_ADDRESS is the IP address of a Sonos player. You can get the player IP addresses from the Desktop Controller under Help->About Sonos Desktop Controller.

Import to a spreadsheet and you can sort by any tag you wish. In that way you can determine exactly what album name a certain track has assigned to it.
Thanks very much - I'll let you know if that helps!
I apologize. I said it wasn't showing up in the "Albums" sort, but it actually doesn't show up in the "Artist" sort. I figured it out though. The artist listing was wrong on the tracks and your spreadsheet let me see that. Thanks!