Album art not displaying

  • 27 April 2018
  • 8 replies

After update Pandora album art no longer displays on iPhone. Is there a fix?

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8 replies

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Hello there, CharlesSD. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Typically when there is missing metadata form a streaming music service, it points to a problem regarding its connection. Would you mind submitting a diagnostic report and replying with the confirmation number it gives at the end? Thanks in advance.
Confirmation #772511963
On second thought I opened Sonos on my old iPhone 6, old iPhone and current iPhone7 then submitted new diagnostic #1256289645. Album art displays on all devices except iPhone7
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Interesting. If it only happens on one device it may be something with the connection to the network or the installation of the application itself. Is this iPhone 7 in Low Power Mode? I have seen a few instances where Low Power Mode changes how the phone sends and receives data. Additionally, if you remove and re-install the app from the App Store, do the issues persist?

Thanks in advance!
Phone not in low power mode. I removed Sonos, cleared memory, reset phone then reinstalled Sonos. No difference. Album art also doesn’t display on the phone on my work Sonos system. I’d send a diagnostic on the work system but couldn’t find the selection under settings.
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Understood. Since the phone is the only device in your household that is unable to display album artwork, I am certain it is a problem with connectivity from your phone to Sonos rather than the app itself. Maybe we can take a look at how the phone is communicating with the network? What is the make and model of the router you are using? Do you have any extenders? I see a number of your players are wired in, do you have a switch located in the house?

These details will help me to get a better idea of how Sonos is integrated into your network and ultimately help give details about how your phone might be accessing data from Sonos.
It’s fixed!
Your last message, requesting connection details gave me the idea of trying each speaker set separately. All displayed properly. After regrouping sets they also displayed properly. Thanks
The problem returned. I’ll get the info together which you requested