Album art is visible - then not visible when scrolling and needs to load again. Not a great user experience.

  • 16 December 2017
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I use a lenovo tab 2 A10 and Amazon Music. And my issue is this:-
When I scroll through artists / albums / my sonos the album or artist artwork loads, but when I scroll back up it has gone and therefore starts to load again, same if I scroll back down. As a consequence the view is never settled and is always attempting to update. If I do a similar action is the Amazon music app, once it is loaded it stays loaded irrespective of if I scroll up or down again, It is very annoying and causes a pretty poor user experience in Sonos. Has anyone experienced similar and can suggest a way so that once the album or artist is visible, it stays visible when I scroll? Any settings need changed? Help greatly appreciated. thanks.

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