Album Art

  • 28 December 2016
  • 1 reply

I have recently purchased my sonos speakers, so deceided to completely re-do my iTunes, so everything is correct and in order (OCD with pictures, genres ect ect) I have started the mammoth task of uploading 600+ CDs on to iTunes, which I can use on my Sonos app, however my problem is that my album art is not showing on Sonos. The only ones showing are the ones that Ive had to add myself due to iTunes not finding album art. I have read somewhere that you have to go and add every albums art manually if you want it on your Sonos. Is this true, or is there an easier way to add 600+ album covers to my Sonos... 😃

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1 reply

iTunes' standard is, like so many things from Apple.... completely non-standard. I sorted out my album art with software called PerfectTunes, which came in a package with dbpoweramp. I think it's Windows only, but there has to be something similar for Mac if that's what you have.