Alarm Volume Doesn't Work

  • 20 January 2017
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When I create an alarm, and set the volume to 15, the alarm comes on at the correct time but volume seems to increase to whatever the physical player was last set to. Is there a fix for this? Controller software is up to date on all associated devices. Hardware version is Parsed this community and various others and didn't find anything.

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5 replies

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Alarms are designed to have a ramp up start so volume starts very low and slowly rises to the set volume.

Test it by listening to something at a certain volume - Note by ear the volume and then visually the volume slider. Set an Alarm for much louder than that with the same song you just listened to and see/hear what happens.

Thanks for the reply. The volume does ramp up during the alarm, however, it doesn't stop at the point the alarm is programmed to. It ramps up, in under 1 second, to the last known volume. Simply put, that function / feature is useless, which also makes the alarm function next to useless. If I remember to turn the volume down on ALL my Sonos speakers, THEN set the alarm, its fine, since the last known volume was already at 10% for example. I've taken a while to respond so that I could try a few things. Appreciate the reply.

The volume in Alarms setup only applies to the Sonos player you are setting the alarm for. That player should only go to the preset volume, regardless of the previous volume level. Grouped players are not affected by the volume level configured during alarm setup, and will default to whatever volume they were set at before.

If this is not the case with your situation, then I would recreate it and send a diagnostic within ten minutes of it happening. Post the reference number here or contact Sonos support directly.
Thanks for your post. It raises a valuable point in that I should have been clearer in specifying my testing. I've tried both grouped and individual scenarios. The result is the same no matter. It's not a huge deal but rather a question I had regarding the alarm functionality. Someone stated on another site that this is by design, if that's the case then the volume setting function within the application is a moot point. I'll contact Sonos support and post the result when received.

Appreciate the suggestions everyone.

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This is absolutely not how the Alarm works for me.... If I set "My Office" to a low level sound in an alarm... and had just been playing loud music prior to the alarm... but had shut off music... The alarm comes on and fades in to the level set in the alarm. Your experience is anomalous and not the typical response of the Sonos products...

If you are able to re-create this effect a few times in a short period of time, you should promptly submit a diagnostic and post the number here so Sonos staff can take a look - might also be helpful to perhaps provide the controller device/version you are using...