Alarm (Internet Radio) dropping down to Sonos Chime

  • 26 September 2019
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Getting intermittent Sonos chime instead of Internet Radio on Alarms. I've tried amending wifi channel. Radio always starts ok when I start manually. Could someone check my diagnostic please? Number 636118252. Many thanks.

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1 reply

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Update: I changed my 0550 alarm this morning to use the myTuner Radio service rather than Radio by Tunein, to try to rule out an issue specific to TuneIn but I still got the chime. The alarm at 0605 (Tunein) worked fine. Third time in a row the alarm has chimed, and over the past week I'd say I've had the chime about 70% of the time. New Diagnostic 451395372.

On every occasion that the alarm has dropped down to the chime, if I press the pause/play button twice on top of the Play:1 unit after the chime has started, the radio service kicks straight in.


a. although I had Alarms this morning set for 0550 and 0605, I received a notification on my iPad saying 'Sonos Bedroom Alarm since 0600 - 3 mins ago'. (There is no alarm set for 0600 on a Friday). This has happened before.

b. I added the myTuner Radio service last night. It's showing under Settings Services as you'd expect, but Radio by TuneIn is not on this screen (despite still being visible and accessible under 'browse'.