Alarm chime plays instead of selected radio station

  • 25 April 2019
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My Sonos speakers play the alarm chime instead of the radio station that is set every single morning when it is set to begin playing. I tried changing the time of turn on and again it did the same thing. Have tried deleting all the alarms and creating new ones, and still the same issue occurs.

Confirmation number is 1912122783

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60 replies

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Thank you Ken. It would be good if someone from Sonos can clarify, I am still waiting for Sonos support to review the diagnostics I sent to them 5 days ago.
Thank you Ken. It would be good if someone from Sonos can clarify, I am still waiting for Sonos support to review the diagnostics I sent to them 5 days ago.
Did you raise a support ticket with Sonos, aswell as submitting your diagnostic? If not, you may need to do that via this Customer Care link

At the moment however, before you do that, I understand that the BBC Service “switch off” from TuneIn only happened on the 30th September and there is some suggestion that whilst there are perhaps a few 'teething' issues, that it should not eventually affect Sonos users, based on what was mentioned In this official BBC article/announcement:

So my thoughts are that it maybe a case of perhaps just seeing how your Alarms work with other (non-BBC) radio stations in the coming days and then switch back and see if BBC/Tune-in/Sonos/Amazon/Google have managed to iron out the issues that 'may' have arisen as a result of the BBC pulling the plug.

Hope that info assists.
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Yes, ticket opened with support on 26/9.

FWIW - both BBC alarms worked today @6:00 & @7:00.

However, I can now not play BBC Radio 6 on Sonos using Alexa, it does not find the station.

I agree, as you suggest, may be due to 'teething' problems with systems that are now filtering BBC streams, based on device, application, location, etc

Yes, the radio 1 alarm worked for me again too this morning.

It seems the ‘Tune-In switch off’ by the BBC is affecting the Amazon Alexa service, so there’s not a lot Sonos can do about that, other than raise the matter with Amazon.

Hopefully Amazon will get the matter resolved soon.

On a side note, I didn’t realise just how poor BBC Radio 1 can be at 8am in the morning. It was childish rubbish on there this morning. Perhaps I’m just getting too old for that station? 🙂
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This does NOT stream:
BBC Radio 6 on laptop via Tune-In Website (as expect as per the BBC Blog)
BBC Radio 6 on Sonos via Alexa Integration on Sonos (doesn't find station)

This DOES stream BBC Radio 6 on Sonos:
BBC Radio 6 on Sonos via Tune-In using Sonos App
BBC Radio 6 on Sonos via Tune-In using Google Assistant

As the alarms are set using the Sonos App, I assume this is a supported stream.

Maybe I need a 'Google Assistant' Alexa Skill, ie I tell Alexa to tell Google to tell Sonos to tell Tune-In to stream Radio 6 ?? 🙂
ha ha !! .. just for your info BBC Radio 6 (from tune-in) via the Google Assistant voice service installed on Sonos is working here okay.

It’s just Amazon that needs to sort A few things at their end, but that perhaps still doesn’t explain your intermittent alarm failing issues?
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I would assume that BBC has made some changes on their network infrastructure, and possibly Tune-In, to restrict access by filtering on application, IP, country etc. This could possibly have affected the streaming as they implemented these changes.

I also still believe that there will be a peak request for streams on the hour for BBC services, with many smart devices that have synchronised time having alarms set on the hour, 6, 7, 8 am in UK.

A combination of the above, has made Sonos alarms unreliable (for me).
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Update from Sonos support: They said they are aware of alarm issue sometimes defaulting to chimes, and asked me to try adding a Radio Station using a URL, the URLs for BBC are listed on this website:

I just added a new station called 'BBC Radio 6 URL' on Sonos with the appropriate URL from above link, and added new Alarms with this new station.
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UPDATE: Since I manually added BBC Radio station using the direct stream URLs (ie bypassing the TuneIn service), I have had 100% success with Sonos Alarms, no chimes in 7 days with 2 alarms per day.

I used tested the feeds as per above link, but found this link has 320k feeds listed, so I used those instead:

I'm still using 10.4, have not updated 10.4.2, I will wait for more feed back before updating.

Just a ‘final’ update .. no issues with my 8am Sonos Alarm too date. Tried various radio stations including BBC Radio stations and Smooth FM UK and no problems.

Didn’t get the Chime at all.

All the best. 👍