Alarm chime plays instead of selected radio station

  • 25 April 2019
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60 replies

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Me too. I have 2 alarms in different rooms, one at 6am one at 7am. 90% of time I get Chime instead of BBC Radio 6. If I stop the chime and play the radio station immediately after chime plays it always plays radio station.

I have just logged ticket with Sonos, one of their staff also seeing same issue. They have advised me to try a different radio station for new few days.
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I too have this problem intermittently and it’s driving me mad. I have a BT hub router which seems to ‘snooze’ when not in continuous use and I was wondering if that might be the cause?
What is the solution? Because I have the same issue.
You can also post the number here in this thread. Sonos will read it and reply.
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Email Sonos support, tell them your problem and give them the diagnostic number
How do I have Sonos support check my diagnostic ? I did a diagnostic report about 5 minutes after the issue occurred and have the confirmation number that it gave me.
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I've had that happen when I had spotty internet coverage. If the Sonos can't play the selected station at the exact moment of the alarm, it will do the chime to ensure you don't sleep in. Have Sonos support check your diagnostic for interference - you might have to move something to reduce the interference.
Chime does not give second chances, it will not check back to see if the station has started.
If I bypass the alarm and play the station directly it will play immediately. If I just let it keep chiming it will never start and chime all day long if I let it.

In regards to selecting the station for the alarm, I am using stations from Amazon Music. I did delete the alarms and then created them again so I assume that the URL's would be valid in the process of creating a new alarm. I have even tried selecting different stations in Amazon Music and it still does the same thing.
If you attempt to play the station directly, what happens? How long before the station starts playing? That chime can be impatient. If the station is slow starting, the chime will jump in.

Also, there are different methods of selecting stations for the alarm. If you are using "My Stations", the station URL in that list may have changed and is no longer valid. Meanwhile, if you select the station directly, it might play because the URL is valid.