Airplay Playback to Move “leaking” to other devices.

  • 19 November 2021
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Use my iPhone to stream podcasts via AirPlay to my Sonos Move however, the signal intermittently finds its way to other components on my Sonos network. 
Other than manually muting everything else, any ideas please?
system consists of 2x old S5, 2x old S3, Old Sub, Connect amp, Bridge, & Move. 


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5 replies

Are you sure you haven't got those other speakers grouped with the Move?

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Are you sure you haven't got those other speakers grouped with the Move?

I wasn’t aware Airplay had grouping facilities. 
I assumed whatever’s grouped via the Sonos control app was independent from using the speaker via airplay? I’ll experiment “ungrouping” the move & see what affect it has. Thanks. 

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Strangely enough! When checking what was grouped with the move via the Sonos app, it was showing the bedroom, not living room so how it picked that up I don’t know. Have set the living room to play another source & for now it’s stopped the issue. 

Any grouping in Sonos will be effective when using Airplay.  This is deliberate and allows users to use Airplay to play to older Sonos speakers. I think you may have to start the Airplay stream before grouping in other speakers. 

It isn't an issue at all, it's a useful feature.

You can also select more than one Sonos speaker in Airplay. You may have inadvertently done this on this occasion