Airplay issues

  • 20 October 2019
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Diagnostics 667381713

Using Airplay 

All speakers in one group with a Sonos One (only one)

select that one in Airplay

playing from BBC Sounds - previously aired show The World This Weekend

 ETA the BBC Sounds app NEVER stops playing during the issues described below. 

Starts playing then two rooms drop out of group

add them back 

about 20 mins later play stops (not holding phone, not touching speakers)

start play from BBC Sounds App

same two rooms drop out of group 

1 the new IKEA Symfonist, 2 Play:1

Add them back to group

click to restart the show in Sonos… get error ‘unable to connect to Sonos Player ‘

stopped to do this ticket. 

closed sonos and bbc sounds 

started again… 

just a note - while listening via Airplay often a speaker in a room will stop for a few seconds and then start up again.  there is no pattern - sometimes it happens frequently while listening , sometimes it doesnt happen for a long period and then various rooms will pause at different times.  

fyi no pauses/restarts while using live broadcasts (tunein), streaming services like siriux or podcasts via Sonos

am using Sonos Net and have Google WiFi with plenty of units (three for a 1200 sf apartment) never have wifi coverage issues from any room. 

speakers pausing and restarting has happened but not with this ‘unable to connect’ error. 

in fact while doing this ticket, the speaker in the room with the computer paused three times and started again. i can hear that the other speakers were playing. 


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