Airplay Glitch When Playing On Mobile Device

  • 2 December 2021
  • 2 replies

I am hoping some other people have experienced this issue. 


Typically it happens on my iPad (pro, air and mini). If I am watching an app like AT&T TV or Direct TV stream on either device and try to play the sound through any of my sonos speakers the screen will grey out and display “Airplay”. I can hear the sound through my speakers however the video is not displayed on my device. If I switch my “move” or “roam” to bluetooth it will work normal.

It doesn't happen on Netflix or Hulu. But it will happen on HBO Max, Direct TV Stream, Starz, and a few others. 

Has anyone had this problem and found a fix??



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2 replies

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Hi @MauriceAtl,


That looks like the app in question is attempting to send a video stream to the Sonos player, hence the reason for the Airplay text in place of the video on your device. 

Since Sonos isn’t a video player, your speakers will accept the audio, but the app doesn’t know that video isn’t being displayed. 

To me, this looks to be app-specific, and is something you should speak to the developers of those apps about.

It won’t happen on Bluetooth, since Bluetooth streaming is typically only an audio stream.


As a test, do you get a different result when selecting your Airplay target from the dropdown shade (swipe down from the top right) instead of from the app, and then starting your show?

Thanks! I suspected as much. Yes, same thing occurs when I select from the swipe down.