Airplay Feature asks for onscreen code?

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How do you add your sonos in the home app. Home doesn’t detect the beam. Is there some number somewhere?

Open the Apple Home app and tap "+" or Add Accessory.
Choose “Don’t Have a Code or Can’t Scan?”
Tap the speaker you want to add.
Pick the same room name used in the Sonos app.
There was no number, and I can’t remember what I did to get it to appear, but it didn’t appear first time round. Most probably I switched everything off and on again.
Great it works but having 2 iPhone Become a requirement 😉

Me too... you have to be very very close of the sonos device. Not as close as when you try to connect with Bluetooth.... no very very close. iPhone kyte on the bar
Hi guys, hope you will be able to help. I never set any password for airplay, it just happened and I have no idea what to do. I tried resting home app, Sonos but it didn't help. I can't airplay from Apple TV or iPhone to Sonos speakers at all. Before I didn't have any problems at all. In home app it shows that all devices on same network will have speaker access. Any idea what to do ?
Do a factory reset of the speaker then add that speaker again like it’s a brand new speaker to you. That’s what worked for me.
It helped, thank you a lot
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I don't get prompted for passwords using Airply2 from my iPad or iPhone but I'm unable to connect to the speakers using Air Parrot 2. It asks for a password. I even tried setting up a password using HOME but then when I enter the password in Air Parrot, it crashes. Has anyone gotten Airplay 2 streaming to work using a Windows PC as a source?
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I hope this helps others. After a long bout of resetting, plugging in the sonos directly to routers etc. It seems that the password I was being prompted for was the one I set on my Apple TV on the same network. I entered that password and I was able to connect to the Sonos with no other issues.
Is airdrop switched on?

Just had the same issue arise and tried the help on this thread. In the end turned out airdrop wasn’t on. Once it was then Airplay worked.
Is there a verified fix for this issue yet?

I spent over an hour on the phone with Sonos support, Apple support, and my employer's technical support to no avail. I am not permitted to disable the "AirPlay outgoing requests pairing password enforced" restriction in Device Management.

Is there a way the Sonos app can tell us what the password is the the speaker is supposedly displaying "onscreen"?

This is a big disappointment with my new purchase.
[...] This is a big disappointment with my new purchase.
That's the downside of using a corporate phone for private purposes. Sonos/Apple are not allowed to circumvent restrictions determined by your employer.
To note, I figured out a solution that worked for me. I booted up my “old” iPhone, which was previously set up as my primary Home app source prior to getting the XS. From there, I deleted the Device Management that was still on that device, did a hard restart, and then added the Sonos speaker to my Home app there. I then turned my old phone off, did a restart of my current phone, and opened the Home app. The Sonos speaker is there and I am now able to airplay without issue.
For those of you who do have a business phone and a second device, there might be a way around the password. I believe if the Apple 'Home' was set up by the person with the restricted phone, the speakers will ask for a password. I used my girlfriend's phone (different Apple ID) to create a second 'Home' to which we could easily add the speakers. Then, in the Home settings in the top left, I could 'allow speaker access' for everyone in the network. If you enable the password, the code you see is what your other (business) phone is asking for. Once this was connected, I turned the password off again. I feel it takes slightly longer to connect, but works!

EDIT: So basically, if a person with a non-restricted device sets up the home, the person with the work phone can simply join and speakers can be added.

This worked me for me! Thank you, was pulling my hair out!!!! :0)
Not sure why the topic is marked solved. If I have an iPhone that is managed by my employer (which I do) and has the setting "'AirPlay outgoing requests pairing password enforced'" activated, then I haven't found a solution yet - not in this topic nor elsewhere.
One way to SOLVE the problem is for Sonos to implement functionality into the app for the Airplay2 capable devices by which an Airplay password can be set by the user. With that set, it can be entered when the prompt for the onscreen password appears, and Airplay streaming becomes possible. This is what Apple does/did e.g. with their Airport devices: As soon as I entered an Airplay password for an Airport Express, I was able to connect my "company-rigged" iPhone and stream via Airplay. Because Sonos doesn't offer the functionality to set an Airplay password, the "workaround" is not usable with Sonos.
Are Sonos working on this?