AirPlay 2 works for exactly 1 hour and then disconnects - anyone else? (Sonos Arc)

  • 28 July 2022
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I noticed that when playing music over AirPlay 2, the connection would frequently disconnect. So I started timing it from the moment it connects to the moment it disconnects, and found it to be consistently 1 hour exactly.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas what might be causing it?

I strongly doubt that it’s due to wifi connectivity issues, because:

  • it’s so consistent, and such a neat length of time, that it can’t be coincidence
  • I have very few other devices on the 2.4ghz network (everything else is on 5ghz), so it’s not a crowded network, and the Arc has direct line of sight to the wifi router

The only other info I’ve found on the internet is this ancient post from 2014: The only comment on that post suggests checking the router’s DHCP lease, but mine’s set to 10 days - not 1 hour.

I also have a HomePod Mini in another room which I also AirPlay to from the same device (MacBook Pro 2019), and have never had it disconnect on me in the middle of playing music.


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This seems to be fixed now. I had tried restarting the Arc, which didn’t help, but annoyingly I didn’t think at the time to try rebooting my mac. After doing that AirPlay has stayed connected to the Arc for well over an hour now without disconnecting, so I think it’s working fine again now.

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I was thinking 10 days was a bit long. I am running my router’s defaults 7200 seconds (2 hours) to 86400 seconds (24 hours) allowing the client to request within that range.

I do set static/reserved IP addresses for my Sonos though.

Looking at the DHCP specification: The DHCP specification allows a lease to be up to 232^2 seconds (49,710 days, or about 135 years).