After update to S2 due to purchase of Beam 2 (only had Play 1's), old library not accessible

  • 2 January 2022
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Hello … I own six Play 1 speakers and recently purchased a Beam 2. I decided it would be a good time to update to S2 since the Play 1’s are compatible, and I wanted to move a speaker from the living/TV room since I now had the Beam. The update itself on all Play 1’s and controller apps on both Windows and my mobile devices (all IOS) appeared to be without issue, however, since I use Plex for most of my new music due to the memory max issue, I didn’t realize that Sonos can no longer see/play music from my main library on my laptop (Windows). I went into my native Sonos playlists and while it would load the song list, it will not play the songs and eventually throws a 1002 error. I can play anything on my Network/NAS drive that is in Plex, but nothing from my Sonos main library. As a test, I created a new folder on my local hard drive and added some music and then added that folder to Sonos and it plays without issue.

At this point, my thought is that something happened in the update process that resulted in this library issue. I am prepared to remove the folders/sources and re-add them, but my main concern is whether or not my native Sonos playlists will work if I remove and re-add the folders/sources if the locations are exactly the same. This seems like it *might* work, but I thought I would inquire in case anyone else has run into this.


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It is possible the “secret” password that the PC app creates was changed on the switch to S2. In that case remove the old path from the list and re-adding it back should fix it (and there is a checkbox that says something about fixing permissions that I recall).

Sonos playlists are very resilient to fullpath changes, but in this case the paths should not change anyway.

Well, I decided to just remove and re-add my old library folders, realizing it would possibly result in losing my old playlists, however, after doing so, I am now able to play music from my library and the playlists appear to be working as well, thankfully. Odd that it wasn’t working after the update, as the library is in the same location that it was.