After latest SONOS update, will not connect to NAS music library

  • 9 February 2017
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I updated the SONOS software today (2017/02/09) and attempted to reindex my music library (located on a Western Digital NAS device). After a few seconds, a message indicating that the NAS was not responding was displayed.

The NAS and its contents are visible from Windows 10 File Explorer, and my media player on the computer can access and play songs from the library on the NAS, so I am assuming that it is not a Firewall or other Windows issue. As far as I am aware, the only change to the configuration was the SONOS controller update.

The NAS and its contents are equally accessible from a second Windows 10 computer in the house, and I am able to play songs on the media player on this second computer as well.

I did attempt to remove and reset the location of the music library on the NAS device. Again, after browsing to the location and clicking on Next after being asked for a username and password, I am getting the unable to connect message.

Similarly, following the recent update of the Android version of the SONOS controller, there is no share established any longer for the music library on the NAS and I am unable to connect to that music library.

I can only assume that something in the latest SONOS updates -- for both WIndows 10 and Android -- has broken the ability to set a share.

Any advice would be most welcome,


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1 reply

Hi Darryl, welcome to the community.

You did good by checking if other devices still have access to the library on your NAS.
Can you submit a diagnostic so I can see what type of errors are reported.

In the meantime, can you try creating a new public folder on your NAS, and try adding this?