Adjusting Spotify volume disrupts volume from Sonos iOS app

  • 18 December 2019
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I just got two new One SLs and a Play 5. They're all in the same physical room but are assigned as different rooms (the SLs are not in a stereo pair). I use them as a group through the Sonos app on iOS (all up to date) and generally they work and sound great with my primary music service, Spotify Connect. The one issue I run into consistently is that I will set the respective volumes on the three different devices (all exactly the same on the volume slider) in the Sonos app, and each time I go into the Spotify app and so much as touch the volume slider it scrambles that setting, makes the two One SLs slightly different volume and turns the Play 5 almost all the way down. Nothing I do seems to fix this and Ive looked around a lot for solutions. Thoughts? 

14 replies

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Hi, RumorConsumerWelcome to the community. If I am understanding you correctly, grouping the devices in the Sonos app, then changing the volume through the Spotify app is the cause of this fault, is that correct? I’ve only been able to test this with PLAY:1’s but any difference in group member volume seems minimal when I change the entire group in Spotify then move back to the Sonos app. Maybe I’ve misunderstood. Can you show us some screenshots? 

Hey @Edward R Thanks for writing in. Your understanding is correct. I was able to speak to Spotify support today and they confirmed this is a known bug that was recently fixed on the Android side of things but has not yet titrated to the latest iOS release. So we wait. Case # 01358867 if you want to review. 


Same problem here. Great to hear it’s on the radar - it’s been driving me nuts and I was about to file a report before reading this. Fingers crossed for the next update.


To expand on that short reply of mine: I’ve got four Sonos speakers of which two (second gen 5’s) are grouped basically permanently (living room and dining room). They’re always at the same volume level.

When I so much as point my finger at the volume slider in the Spotify app, while playing those two grouped Play:5’s through Spotify Connect, the volume of the one in the dining room roughly halves. That’s while using my iPhone, iPad and even the Spotify app on my MacBook Pro. All latest versions of everything.

I have the same volume issue when using Spotify Connect. Which made Spotify basically unusable for me. Switched (temporarily) to Apple Music. Hope for an Sonos and/or Spotify update soon. 

Yes have the same issue with using the hardware volume control on my iPhone when playing music through Spotify. Have the two speakers in different rooms set at a good level together and then press the volume on my iPhone to increase or decrease slightly and the volume in one of the speakers will halve and end up at disproportionate levels between the two speakers. So frustrating. Have not found a way to trick the speakers into not doing this. 

I have the same problem! Getting fed up with this Sonos setup, spent so much money and time trying to solve issue after issue.

Same problem,  eny soloution?

I do have the exact same problem, and it is driving me crazy as well.

I had an issue with not being able to control the volume at all from within the spotify app, but volume control was fine within the sonos app. This is how I came across this thread. After messing with a few settings, I was able to isolate the problem. The volume control did not work while my iphone was connected to my airpods, even though the music was being played over my sonos move. As soon as I disconnected my airpods, I could control the volume perfectly from the spotify app. Hope this helps!

Exact same problem super annoying

Same problem for me...

Temporary solution that worked for me: uninstall the Sonos iPhone app and control grouping and volume in the Spotify app only using Airplay.

Once uninstalled sonos app, go into Spotify app and select a song/playlist then press the device selection icon (bottom left of the playing screen) and then click Airplay or Bluetooth. The sonos speakers will be there. Select the speakers that you want to play through and then set the relative volumes that you want for each device. When using the iPhone hardware rocker or the in app volume control to set the overall volume, the relative volumes will stay in relative sync. Next time you go to select the devices, the sonos speakers will be grouped already as you set them. Been doing this for about a week and been great. 

Same for me. When is Spotify and Sonos going to sort this out?