Adding Rhapsody

  • 10 September 2013
  • 4 replies

Under services Rhapsody isn't listed even though I've created an account. How do I add Rhapsody?

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4 replies

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If you're not seeing Rhapsody under your list of services, please make sure that your Sonos system has been registered. You can do this using the Sonos Desktop Controller by selecting Help -> Sonos System Registration. If the system is not registered, please go through that process so Sonos is able to show what music services are available for you.

If Sonos already shows that it's registered, please submit a diagnostic report by follow the instructions here. Let me know what the confirmation number is and I'll have a look.

I am having the same problem now - long time Sonos user. Rhapsody used to be there, but no longer. I am registered, updated, and live in the US. Help! Submitted diagnostics 6596045 today.
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Rhapsody has renamed itself. Now it's Napster. Go to Napster/My Music to see all your artists, playlists, etc.
lol - thanks!