Adding Beam affected Alexa

  • 30 March 2019
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I added Sonos Beam to a new TV. It upset my Sonos world. No longer can I tell Alexa to turn off music on a Sonos One without affecting the other rooms. The play 1 I have paired with an Echo dot seems to be unaffected. Beam turns on the TV but won’t turn it off, a minor annoyance.
What happened?

Best answer by John B 30 March 2019, 22:15

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4 replies

You need to bring your Alexa groups up to date with the new situation. You need a group consisting of the Beam only, another with the One only and another with the Dot as controlling device, the Play 1 as a device and the Play 1 also as the preferred speaker.
Thanks. I’ll explain my setup further.
Living room: beam, two play1’s as ambient , sub
Bedroom: Sonos one
Den: Sonos one
Kitchen: Play 1, Echo dot

I started over and rebuilt my groups. I’ll see if that helps.
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