Adding Amp to an existing Surround system with an Arc and two Sonos 5

  • 5 March 2022
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Hi everyone

I currently have a system which uses the Arc as a front speaker and two Sonos Five as rear speakers. Now I wanted to add an Amp which is supposed to be used as an input for my record player and is currently not used to add any stereo speakers. Unfortunately I cannot get this to work.

When I want to configure the amp it just gives me three options:

  1. Use Amp as stereo speakes
  2. Use Amp as front speakers
  3. Use Amp as surround Speaker

Non of these options let me just integrate the Amp in my existing system and use it as an amp for the record player and input to the system. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Edit: OHHHHHH i figured it out. Not very entuitive but maybe I had a stupid moment.

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3 replies

Option 1 is what you want. The line in is just a subsidiary feature. You have chosen not to use the Amp for its primary purpose. 

Actually,  with no speakers, the amplifier in the Amp won't be used. You  don't need an amplifier for the record player. 

Do you intend to buy speakers for the Amp? If not, and its not too late, you might consider returning it and getting a Sonos Five instead.

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When no speaker is wanted the Sonos Port is the less expensive option. It will be an extra “room” in the setup, that can be grouped to the surround “room”.