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I have an existing Sonos network.  The playbar and sub were set up without a TV (I didn't have the right cable when I first set up the Playbar, so I just have used it for music).  Now i have the correct cable and have connected the Playbar to the TV, but I can't figure out how to add the TV to the Playbar.   

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Hello Nathan,

You have two options when it comes to 're-setting up' your PLAYBAR. You can set up your new remote that came with your new TV or you can factory reset the PLAYBAR and setup it as if it was brand new. 

Setting up your new remote with Sonos:
You can set up your new remote with the Sonos system by opening the Sonos controller on your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

From a computer, open the Sonos controller and go to: Mange > Settings > Room Settings > TV Setup > Remote Control Setup (NOTE: you will then need to disable the internal speakers on your TV- see your user manual for details) 

From a smartphone or tablet: Settings > Room Settings > PLAYBAR > TV setup > Remote Control Setup

Factory resetting your PLAYBAR and setting it up as a new player:
By factory resetting your PLAYBAR you will erase all settings on the device and set it up. This option will walk you through the onscreen guide of how to hook up your PLAYBAR to the TV and program your remote. (NOTE: if this is your only unit or the player that is plugged into your router it will reset your whole system not just the PLAYBAR)

Here's how to factory reset your PLAYBAR

After you reset the unit, you will need to go back through and "Add a Component..." to the system. 

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this and we'll be happy to help. 


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