Adding a Sub 3 to my Beam has ruined WiFi in that room

  • 16 October 2020
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Up until a week ago I had a Sonos Beam (wired) and two Sonos One SLs (wireless) different rooms in my house and experienced no problems with my wi-fi (>60Mbps speed test). Adding a Sub 3 and connecting it to my Beam has resulted in appalling wi-fi performance (<3Mbps) in the room they are both installed in.

The Sonos Beam is wired to my home network with wi-fi , the Sub-3 is not. Wi-fi is enabled on the Sonos Beam. I have removed my home wi-fi network from System > Network > Networks (none are listed). About My System shows WM:0 for all devices and I they are using SonosNet.

I have tried with all three available wi-fi channels in the Sonos app (1, 6 and 11).

If I remove the Sub 3 from the Beam my wi-fi speed test returns to 80Mbps. If I add it again, the speed test goes down to less than 3Mbps.

I’ve just run a test with all three channels. The results were: channel 1 1.08Mbps, channel 6 0.92Mbps, channel 11 - 2.63Mbps. I switched off the Beam and it returned to 66.1Mbps. Switching back on the Beam 0.70Mbps. Removing the Sub from the Beam and it’s back to 63.3Mbps.

It’s clearly the Beam to Sub communication that is causing problems with my home wi-fi. If the speed was slightly impacted I could understand that but to drop from 80Mbps to 2Mbps is completely unacceptable. Also, I would have thought one of the channels would have given me adequate performance.

Can anyone suggest anything? The Sub will have to be returned if I can’t get it sorted.


1 reply

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Hi @njsjl, welcome to the Sonos Community! I understand you want to add and use the Sub flawlessly and I’m here to help. First, I want you to know that you need to check and reach out to your internet provider about that case because it’s more on its handling especially your router. You can also submit a diagnostic report when it’s okay and not working fine. Reply to us with the confirmation number to check it on our end. 

Just let us know. We and the community are always here to help.