Added Boost, speaker dropping more

  • 14 November 2021
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I’m in a 1k sq ft long and narrow apartment with 9 Sonos speakers all on WiFi, S2. My router is set-up in the middle of the apartment to try and give as even distribution of signal as possible. The space is challenged by having a multiple dense walls that severely weakens the WiFi signal if it needs to go through more than 1 wall. Because of that I mostly live on the 2.4 signal for all my devices. I worked out some issues when I first moved in so that for the most part I’ve dealt with speakers dropping from the system rarely. Not surprisingly the speaker I’ve had the most trouble with is a Play 1 that lives the furthest from the router with the signal needing to go through 3 walls to reach the speaker. For the most part it’s worked well enough that I havent felt the need to change something for the last 2 years of living here. Since adding a baby monitor to the room, there’s been a noticeable increase in songs struggling to play, skipping or stopping playing, to the point that I purchased a Boost to see if that would solve my problems. Since setting it up, it’s gotten worse with songs stopping play suddenly and constantly. I’ve done a sequential reboot but still struggling with constant song stops. Prior to the boost, songs would struggle to play and skip so I thought that it was the speaker dealing with the weak WiFi signal. With the boost though, songs stop playing suddenly. No skipping. It just stops playing. I can immediately go into the app and start playing again on demand, no problem. But then will continue to stop playing throughout the playlist. I’ve moved channels around a bit but that hasn’t seemed to solve for anything. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help! 

4 replies

I just submitted a diagnostic report - 1017129181

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Baby monitors are known problems for other WiFi uses, many are so cheaply built they mess up all three clear channels. About the best you can do is put your Sonos on Channel 1 and the monitor on 11 and hope for the best.

Take a look at your Network Matrix, with particular attention to red squares on the left that indicate excessive local interference.

On your Boost, do you have it a meter or more from any other WiFi device? That seems to help but some devices that don’t have a radio will leak RF noise so you may have to experiment to see what aside from the baby monitor is causing issues.

If you don’t have a Roam or Move did you remove the WiFi access credentials from the controller?

Thanks Stanley. SonosNet is on 11 now and my router on 1. I think previously the router was on 6 so hopefully that helps. I think I’m experiencing fewer drops today but they’re still happening.  The boost is about 3 or 4 ft away from a Play 5. I had previously removed the Wi-Fi credentials from the controller. 

And just to emphasize, the major issues started with the Boost install. Before songs would sometimes skip and it was mostly tolerable but now it’s on a whole new level. I’m hoping I just need to get the set up dialed in and ALL issues will go away. If not, I’ll need to return the boost since it’s only made things much worse.