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  • 4 December 2016
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I use my Sonos system at my Yoga studio. Every time my computer goes to sleep, the Sonos Windows App loses connectivity with the network, and there's no "Refresh" button to reconnect it to the network. Instead, I have to close and reopen the App. Can you add a Refresh Button in a future release?

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5 replies

The reason for this is your computer going to sleep means the source of your music library is unavailable. A refresh button is not going to help with this, because there is no way for Sonos to wake up your computer. You should look into an NAS drive to store your library. These are always available to Sonos, unlike your computer. A popular model for use with Sonos are the WD My Cloud drives, available for a little over $100 for more storage that you will ever need.
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Hi Honor Yoga Hamilton,

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I would suggest that you turn off "sleep" on your computer. You could also use another source for the music (like Pandora, or such) as then Sonos direct connects to the source and your computer will not be a factor.
No... The problem has nothing to do with the music library. I'm streaming Pandora at the studio. Once it's started playing, it keeps playing. The problem is when the computer goes to sleep, the Windows Sonos App loses the connection to the Sonos system, because the network connectivity on the computer is disconnected is sleep mode. In other words, I get the screen that tells me "We couldn't find your Sonos system" and there's no option to get it to look for it again without closing the App and reopening it. A simple "Refresh" button to get the Sonos App to look for the system again will solve this issue. I am not going to set the computer to not go to sleep ever because we're an eco-friendly studio and want to use as little power as possible.
I suspect that if you left it alone, the Sonos controller would find the player(s) again after a while on its own. That's assuming the machine doesn't go back to sleep again first of course.

A 'Refresh' button could potentially be a single click. Closing the controller and re-opening it again is two. An enterprising soul could knock up a script which closed the controller window and restarted the controller exe, based on a single desktop icon click. But, forgive me, but isn't this something of a First World problem?
Ratty, I suspect that it wouldn't take a heck of a lot of effort for one of the developers to add a refresh button. If you're not a developer, perhaps you shouldn't speculate....