A wire fell out of my amp (i think, im not sure) and now my room and speakers no longer show up. Can someone help?

  • 16 September 2020
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The wire looks like a 2 prong fork, the pictures show the amp i have and the system

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2 replies

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That looks like the ground wire from a turntable input (pair of RCA plugs)!  (1) Wired connections (except Ethernet, and power) are probably unrelated to your speakers disappearing -- except insofar as you have probably just moved things around.  (2) In photo #2 of 4, that power cord looks askew.  Perhaps just jam it back in all the way?  (Or pull it out, count to 10, and replace it firmly, to reboot your ZonePlayer.)  (3) If that is a turntable ground wire, how is the turntable even working as the line-in source, without a preamp?  Do you have to turn the volume *way* up, and is it humming like crazy?  If you want somewhere to connect that wire, consider somehow jamming it in where the outer edge of the RCA plug is holding onto the RCA jack (audio ground).  But still, it should sound awful without a phono preamp in the middle.  (That is, *if* it’s a turntable...  Hope I’m right, but I’m just as often wrong, when wildly guessing…  Well, at least #1 I’m confident about.) Good luck!

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I have to say it doesn’t look like it belongs anywhere on the Sonos connections. What other equipment do you have? What’s on the other end of the cable?