8.5.1 Harmony Companion Hub Volume Up/Down Commands

  • 13 April 2018
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54 replies

Thanks for that, reinier666. Any chance of posting a link to that thread?
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Meanwhile on the Logitech forum by a moderator/staff there:

Hi folks,
Quick update. We are making progress towards a fix. We did some testing this past weekend and are getting closer.
Please trust this is top priority for us right now. Thank you for your patience with us.

A good workaround. If I had the gumption to actually do it, I'm sure it works. But it's easier for me to complain and deal with the problem at this point. It's interesting to see how long it's taking Logitech/Harmony to fix the problem, though. I'd think it was a relatively simple identify and fix, but they probably (hopefully) have a similar process that Sonos does in terms of testing and beta-ing, so it may be a few weeks till it trickles out to us. Fortunately, I don't frequently change my volume, and I've placed an iPad strategically on my couch so I can have the Sonos app open when necessary.
I found a temporary solution (hopefully very temporary). In the Sonos app under room settings/ TV setup and control/ remote control setup I switched it to recognize my Sony TV remote control. Then in Harmony setup I switched the volume up/down buttons on the remote to control TV volume rather than Sonos. Kind of a pain, but it beats using the Harmony/Sonos apps to change the volume when there’s a perfectly good remote handy. Fingers crossed on a fix, kind of glad it’s not just me.
I'll try rebooting both hubs tonight. This is indeed aggravating 🙂
Yes. Mine is working again. I unplugged the hub and plugged back in. All is good ... for now.
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Am i the only one where this is fixed this morning?
I saw my harmony hub reboot. After the reboot is works (volume seems little slower, but i believe the steps are just smaller)

Try rebooting the hub
We need a solution!!!!
You do realize you're posting on a Sonos board, and not a Logitech support board, right?
Same problem here. Come on, Logitech, fix it! Or at least let us know where you are in addressing this and/or supply a temporary fix. Very poor customer experience when updates create issues like this. QA testing???
Glad I found this topic. I thought I was the only one. I have the same problem and it's annoying my wife. Hey Sonos and Logitech, let's get this fixed or at least roll back to a previous version until you have a solution.
Thanks for the update Keith, we are all watching this topic in expectation for a solution.
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Hello there, everyone. Thanks for keeping the conversation going. Logitech is currently aware of a problem regarding Harmony remotes and Sonos. I will update this topic with any updates as they become available.

Thanks again!
Same here. Using Harmony hub + Sonos Playbar - everything was great for years and with the latest updates it's all gone downhill. This is the family TV and is driving everyone up the wall.
Mine has been doing this for a while. Would love a work around or update!
I have it on Harmony remote as well. Thought I was going crazy.
Same issue here.

An interesting symptom for me is that if I hit mute it will mute after a very significant delay.
Same here, the response on only volume up and down is extremely slow but mute works fine
Slow Volume Response with Logitech Harmony Smart Control. I attempted adding and removing devices via Harmony app and also restarting system. Still very slow response.
This is interesting.... Harmony not working.... CR100 now deprecated and not supported... My own Lutron remotes stop working after 8.5.1 on all my Sonos One's. Seems like an amazing coincidence. What do I know? I'm just a user.
I’m having the exact same problem and it’s been driving me nuts, I thought it was just me
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Is being looked at by Logitech staff as we speak, so should be fixed one of these days.
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There's a thread on this at Logitech as well, we should make noise over there since it seems to be more on Logi's side:

As reinier666 noted, the volume control does actually work it's just suuuuuuuperrrrr sssssllllllooooooooooooooow. If I hold a volume button down, it will eventually change the volume.
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Yeah this really needs to be solved by both companies..
I have the same issue. My playbar volume can’t be controller with the harmony remote!!