8.2 won't work on Windows

  • 23 December 2017
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I am one of the many who is having total problems with 8.2. Please do not ask what has changed in my home - the problem started with the Sonos update. Please do not ask me to reset my home - I've sequentially rebooted my modem, my router, my wireless unit, my laptop, and all other wireless devices. Please do not ask me to send diagnostics - I am unable to. Please do not imply that this is something that is outside the control of Sonos. Please do not say that you will 'pass along my comments to the development team' ... based on the month-long stream of complaints in the Sonos community site without resolution, they already know about this. Please do commit to a fix or to ability to revert to previous versions.

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5 replies

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There are many people with it working on windows including myself. You have a personal issue. I would recommend you call Sonos support for them to get you up and running.

Complaints are based on interface changes. Which on windows app there have been no interface changes. Yours is a personal issue you need personal support on.
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I am assuming that elsewhere you have described what your problem actually is, as there is nothing actionable in this particular message. I had trouble getting 8.2 installed on my Windows machine, but once installed its been fine.
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You need to call sonos. Support you are obviously frustrated but your is an issue you need support in not an issue a new release of software is going to help. Call support and get it working.
Thanks for the replies. The installation works as expected, which was validated when I uninstalled and re-installed twice. The problem, as has been identified in may other posts, is that the PC will no longer connect to my network. And, before responding with any of the 'did you check...' deflections, please read my original post to confirm that yes, I did all those steps.
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Hi djlund999, I'm happy to help, but we'll need some more details about what you're seeing there. Are you unable to connect your Sonos software to the players so that you can actually see the devices in the app, or are you having trouble adding your music library to Sonos as a music share?

What version of Windows are you using?

If you're unable to connect to your Sonos system, can you send a screen shot of what you're seeing on screen?

I understand the frustration, but there isn't really a specific known problem with Windows and not being able to connect to Sonos. Most of the cases you'll see here on the community are going to be unique problems to each system with similar descriptions.