7.4 update and Netflix

  • 25 August 2017
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Prior to doing 7.4 update, I was watching 4k netflix through the sony tv app and audio was fine. After I updated it stopped working and said it was unsupported audio. I switched the netflix audio to stereo and it started working, but when I switched it back to DD5.1 it showed unsupported audio on the sonos app. Any Ideas?

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3 replies

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Come join the "fun" here if your SONOS system stopped working after the latest update...
Thanks. I came across that after posting.
I know this is an old topic. And the link above leads to a closed thread. But FWIW, I figured I'd add my experience and conclusion.

Just like everyone else, I had an audio problem after Sonos updated last Fall. The complication for me was that I have Dish, and my Hopper had a big update at the same time. My Sony TV did too, although it was relatively minor.

My Hopper is connected to the TV by HDMI, and the TV to the Sonos soundbar by optical. The soundbar is hardwired to my network by Cat6. I have also have a subwoofer connected wirelessly.

My audio problem was limited to playing Netflix thru the app on the Hopper. Regular Dish programming would play fine. I could go from regular programming with audio, to Netflix which wouldn't have audio, and back to regular programming which would be fine. Shows played fine off the DVR.

At first I blamed the Sonos, mostly because all of the internet traffic and the posts here. But a couple times I got the audio to work on Netflix by rebooting the Hopper and signing out/in to Netflix. But about 5 minutes into the Netflix show, the app would just crash! Totally kick me out of Netflix and back to whatever Dish channel I was last watching!

So then I started blaming the Hopper. But I couldn't find other online chatter with my symptoms.

Then started blaming the TV. The HDMI was connected to the ARC port, and I conjured up a cause that the TV, which was managing sound to the Sonos, was sending crazy signal back to the Hopper and booting me out of Netflix. But since I totally fabricated that, and don't even know if that's possible, I started blaming the Sonos again.... Then back to blaming the Hopper. Then Sonos would patch over and over again in the coming months, and each time I went round and round, first with hope that it would be fixed, and then another cycle of the blame game in my head when it didn't work.

Then I remembered that the TV had its own Netflix app. And wouldn't you know, shows played fine thru that. No audio problems whatsoever.

That's when it struck me....the HDMI cable. The cable not only manages signal back/forth to the TV, it has to pass the credentials, do the hand-shaking, etc.

It's a 2-3 year old Monoprice with some kind of redmere. A thinner one that I couldn't fine the specs for, but certainly not latest/greatest.

I replaced the HDMI cable with another one from Monoprice with their most up-to-date compliance.

Problem solved. Don't know if it was a compliance thing, or just a weird glitch in the chipset of my old cable. Just wish I had thought of it sooner.