65,000 track workarounds -- confused

  • 13 December 2010
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Hi all,

Sorry to start a new thread, but am in need of basic answers:

I spent last night reading every thread I could find wrt workarounds on the 65K track limit.

Frankly, most of it was over my head, technically speaking.

But here's what I gleaned...

1) there is some kind of beta-type solution where something emulates a WMP server. But apparently it doesn't work with FLAC or ALAC, which is a dealbreaker for me.

2) Spoon/dbPA had some success with Asset, but I gather this now only works with the Desktop Controller? And it might 'break' when Sonos next updates the DC, which one would think is coming soon.

Am I right so far?

I own a Netgear ReadyNAS NVX NAS, but I gather this NAS is incompatible with the dbPA solution as it's not a Windows server/WHM product?

I also own a Buffalo NAS:


Would the Buff be compatible with the dbPA solution?

Any other solutions I'm missing?

Thanks, John

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32 replies

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X:\sonos def\pre sonos\J.S. Bach Actus tragicus\(01) [Philippe Pierlot - Ricercar Consort] Gleichwie der Regen und Schnee vom Himmel fallt BWV 18- Sinfonia.aiff
X:\sonos def\pre sonos\J.S. Bach Actus tragicus\(02) [Philippe Pierlot - Ricercar Consort] Recitativo.aiff

these are working because they are in the dedicated folder

X:\Peter Gabriel\Half Blood-FLAC16\01. The Rhythm of the Heat.flac
X:\Peter Gabriel\Half Blood-FLAC16\02. San Jacinto.flac

these are not working

could i send you an im because i made some screen prints pertaining to this question

rob bijpost
You can't attach images to private messages on the forum, but if you can find somewhere to upload your screen grabs you can always post (or PM) a link.

X: is presumably an external drive.

Which folder is shared onto the network? Presumably not the root folder (X:\) otherwise Sonos would be indexing your 'Peter Gabriel' tracks already.

You will need to have one folder shared which you do want Sonos to index ('sonos def'?) and one folder shared which you do not want Sonos to index.

Let's suppose that you make a top-level folder on X: called 'X:\sonos unshared\'. You would share this onto the network under the name "sonosunshared" (say). You would then move the 'Peter Gabriel' folder into it.

Your M3U file should look like:
\\sonosunshared\Peter Gabriel\Half Blood-FLAC16\01. The Rhythm of the Heat.flac
\\sonosunshared\Peter Gabriel\Half Blood-FLAC16\02. San Jacinto.flac
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Hi Guys, I'm completely new to SONOS, as in less than a week! I bought a play 5 and 2 x play 3's at the weekend and saw this thing about 65'000 song limit.

I've been a DJ and radio presenter for over 20 years so i LOVE music and 65'000 is surely enough for most people isn't it?

i suppose the only problem comes when like me you are importing two peoples music collections, I have around 35'000 tracks on mine so far and the other has 10'000 so I'm guessing it could become an issue in the future but sonos may have sorted it by then.

If you have 45,000 total tracks, you may still be in trouble depending how your tags are structured. The 65,000 limit is for minimal amounts of tag usage.
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This is a minor point, but I want to prevent any misunderstandings.

In computers there is some confusion when we express numbers near a power of two or ten.

The shorthand number "1K" can mean 1000 (a power of 10) or 1024 (a power of two). In the case of "64K", if we assume that this is a binary number, its decimal value will be 65536 and we sometimes will express this as "65K". Further, in some computer hardware, the maximum positive number is 65535. This leads to numerous misunderstandings.

In the case of the SONOS library, the limit is exactly 65000 tracks -- a decimal number.

The limit may be up to 65,000 tracks depending on your tags. If you tend to include a lot of info in your tags, you can top out well below 65,000. We've had people here not get past 45,000
To all users experiencing the track limitation issue:
Can I suggest that you post to Sonos on their facebook site EVERY SINGLE TIME they post about a new feature or product
I feel that is the only way we 'MAY' see some sort of resolution

We need to let the public know more about this issue and keep the public pressure on Sonos to fix this damn problem
Please, each and every one of your voices is important
We need to get this issue resolved
I feel like Im the only old man on the corner shaking his fist at the skateboarders doing kick flips off my front fence
Since the vast majority of users are either streaming or will never hit the 65K limit in a lifetime, I doubt that this is a high priority for more than a (highly vocal) 0.1% of them.

As it would obsolete some older hardware to up the limit, it's unlikely to happen anytime soon, even if you hold your breath until you turn blue.
i have an ARCAM Hifi which has it's own app. input : Nas - output : Sono's no limits ...cheeky but it works 🙂